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Google Adwords

Our AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) plan covers the whole range of processes needed to turn your business, no matter how big or small, to success and most positive Return on Investment (ROI) possible. Starting from keyword selection, unique and original ad creation to landing page creation and optimization, remarketing, conversion tracking and many more.

Facebook For Business

Facebook advertising is one of the fastest growing but very powerful means of getting your business or service out there, so why not make the best of it and tap that well while it’s still nice and fresh? Let us use the it’s unique targeting capabilities to work in your favor, the data is already there.

Content Marketing

The power of content marketing comes to its own when you realize that the content is engaging you, whether in educational, informative or any other purpose. May that be a blog post, instructional video or simply an infographic – they can all be used to fuel your business success.


Email marketing, or as we at PMZ Digital like to call it, the road to more sales, is simply a path of reaching potential future clients and customers through email. It is a precise method of engaging targeted audience, specific group of people interested in your product or service expertise, directly. So, definitely not spam. Think of it as maximizing capabilities of your business with pure content and a touch of personality.


PMZ Digital - We make it personal!
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Our digital marketing agency is here to promote your service, product or brand through assorted methods of utilizing electronic media. We are here to provide your business to the right demographics, just a click away.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is only a small piece of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but certainly one that shouldn’t be omitted. If well managed, a good PPC campaign is proven to be a cost – effective advertising model.

The biggest advantage of Facebook advertising is that it can be very, very targeted, therefore very precise. We can exactly pinpoint your future client demographics based on the interests on their Facebook profiles.

Content marketing is an ultimate method to bring more traffic to your website, which at the end brigs you profit through conversions. One more benefit of quality content marketing is the ability to build up natural link popularity. We have mastered all of the aforementioned methods to help your business grow, with results!

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PMZ Team

Meet the people behind PMZ Digital.
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Zarko Zivkovic

CEO & Head of Marketing
Zarko Zivkovic is a veteran in digital marketing industry. Founder of Practical SEO and CEO at PMZ.
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Alen Antonijevic

Head of SEM
Alen Antonijevic is head of SEM at PMZ Digital, managing Adwords and Facebook campaigns.
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Mirjana Stojiljkovic

Account Manager
Mirjana is the driving force behind PMZ, she runs a tight shift with charm and smarts.

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